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Песня Винкс на английском

If you're a Winx, there's a place for you,
Need a thousand friends, to share your dreams and fate,
If you're a Winx, you can never lose,
If you trust your heart, you will then, now fly so high,
In the sky, butterfly wings will carry you,
Amazing adventures wait for you...
Dreams beyond under illusions,
Still come true, come true,
Secret roses discover,
Ahead of you,
Like a giant wave you rode
In the hearts of those whom you love
If you're a winx you can be a star
The sun will guide your way
Just like a blooming flower
If you're a winx like an ecstasy
Its always gonna be, joy and hope you'll bring
Incredible things you've never seen
Amazing sensations to be lived
With Winx.
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